38103…A French Apartment



“As for me and my house…”

Well…home to me whispers: warmth, safety,  a place of welcome – where the nuance of magic is always in the air and perfect imperfection sets an everyday stage.
Choosing Tim Pierce as your designer…Let me first say Tim Pierce is a good listener. To me, that is the first, most important quality an effective designer can begin with-long beforestyle, sources and personal compatibility come into play.

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You will never walk into a space and say, “This is a Tim Pierce!”, nor will you ever walk into another venue and to your horror,  discover he has used the same color palette with a different twist as he did in your place or anyone else’s for that matter. You won’t find repurposed themes, same accents, fabrics or signature furniture pieces duplicated anywhere. Another unique complement to Tim, the designer is: if he can’t find it, he can make it-or have it made. Tim does not have to rely on a stock number to make a dream/concept come to fruition. There is comfort in knowing he can get it done-regardless. Y. T.


38804…Good Ole Home


In 2006/2007, we lived through a seven month renovation of our beloved home in a historic residential neighborhood. Ten years later, the home Tim designed looks as fresh and beautiful as it did when we moved back in April of 2007. Husband David calls it “a good ole lived in house”, which is true. But it is beautiful AND functional. Simply put, we love it. Our home fits us, it reflects our tastes and family history. “Tim Magic”, as we call our favorite artist/designer Tim Pierce, is sprinkled all over this home. His unique ability to envision a space in 3D in his head is remarkable, as is his talent of balancing the style and collection of a married couple who have differing styles and opinions. cannot pick one favorite part of the home as I love it all. S. B. 


38103…Not Like Everyone Else

A good designer will anticipate the needs of the client. A great designer will be ONE with the client. Tim Pierce is a great designer! I never had any doubts when it came to his decisions because I knew his thoughts were always in the best interest of the ultimate end, a home that was unique and would fit my needs.

It’s been ten years since Tim did the initial design work on our home and everything he selected is still fresh and timely. Any designer can identify what is stylish but Tim knew what pieces were stylish and of the best quality. I have since moved into another home and everything that he selected came with us! And even though the items were all of high quality Tim managed to stay within our budget.

Tim has a method of designing that has P1070215proven to be very successful. I have seen him walk into a room that would be condemned by some and the first thing he does is take mental notes of everything. He spends time with the space and observes what the space is and ponders what the space can be. He finds solutions for problems in the space. He thinks about what can be and goes about researching what it will take to make it happen. His connections in the industry makes it possible to find items that others never would and to find them at a price that will please his clients.
Whether it’s a party or a complete redo Tim has always been our first pick. I have always enjoyed working with him and look forward to projects just so that we can work together. Tim and I communicate on all the important details and don’t sweat the small stuff because I know I will be thrilled when the collaboration is completed!